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Good nutrition for your brain =)

Our body and brain seriously need good nutrition! And what does Herbalife products provide? Nutrition! 

These are 7 nutrition tips for increasing brain power:

 1. Increase water intake : By consuming Herbalife, kamu mesti minum sekurang-kurangnya 3 Liter air. Itu WAJIB. Tak mau minum air, jangan consume Herbalife. Gurantee tak berjaya.

2. Calorie restriction: Untuk yang lose weight by using Herbalife memangla sangat-sangat restricted calorie intake mereka. But people yang consume Herbalife for healthy breakfast sahaja pon, will decrease their calorie intake by taking Herbalife shakes for breakfast which is very high in nutrition and very low calorie! Herbalife shakes that contain Formula 1 and Formula 3 is only 220 calories sahaja!

3. Fish, Fish Oil, Good Fat, Bad Fat: What our body needs is good fat, which is Omega 3! Herbalife products ade juga Omega 3 Fish Oil! Yang tak hanyir langsung okay!

4. Lots of Dietary antioxidants: Herbalife products is full of dietary antioxidants, tak perlu nak explain dah kot, ramai dah tahu!!

5. Balance protein, Good Fat and Carbohydrates: Formula 1 Herbalife memang dah ade all the things yang we need including la protein, good fat and carbohydrates in a very balanced amount!

6. Mixing colors - eating from the rainbow

7. Lean protein: Formula 3 tu memang dah sah2 content nya 100% protein okeh!

Credit to : Kak Fatin =)

Thanks for reading =)

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